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Freedom from chronic pain

Chronic pain – sometimes referred to as the ‘invisible illness’ – affects an estimated 16 million Canadians who live with at least one condition considered ‘chronic’ in that it is persistent or otherwise long-lasting in its effects. Even with a … Continue reading

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Health headline confusion ~ how to stop the yo-yo effect.

‘Self-medicators beware’ read a recent headline; and the article proceeded to warn about the risk of a popular drug, which was deemed user friendly, but has now been found to cause noticeable side effects. We often read about what was … Continue reading

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A Bible-based approach to consciousness research

This week’s article is from Eric Nelson from Northern California. Eric Nelson’s columns on the link between consciousness and health appear weekly in a number of local and national online publications. He also serves as the media and legislative spokesperson … Continue reading

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Gift of Music Strength to Heart and Health

By Joy Hinman A  “senior citizen” living on social assistance had nine heart surgeries. He was spending $600 a month on   fifteen prescription medicines; the side effects of the medications made his life miserable.  But he made a decision — … Continue reading

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See me, not my disease

Seeing through the veil of dementia – with love The Canadian Institutes of Health Research notes that January marks Alzheimer Awareness Month. In its release this month it notes that one of the major challenges families face when they receive … Continue reading

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Old Wisdom – New Thoughts and Actions

By Joy Hinman  A New Year  is coming.  For many it’s a time to both look back at the “old year” and give thought to the year ahead.  Over and above that, almost universally, there is a powerful, genuine heart-felt … Continue reading

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And Mary pondered all these things..

. . . in her heart (Luke 2:19) By Anna Bowness-Park Christmas can be a difficult time for many families – old rivalries, hidden hurts, unresolved arguments and painful memories hide beneath the façade of merriment and tinsel, ready to … Continue reading

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De-stress From Distress Through a Little Soul Searching

The post this week is from our American colleague, Sharon Frey, and is printed in the Huffington Post.  I’d never felt so unfairly accused. My boss told me of a complaint she’d received about my attitude, management style and performance … Continue reading

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The 10 healthiest thoughts on the planet

Isn’t there more to our health than what we eat? Every day we read articles regarding foods that experts say are proven healthy to eat. *One recent article in theTimes Colonist gives a top ten list, complete with photos. “These 10 … Continue reading

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Honesty — being true to thyself.

By Glenn Laycock Last week I came across an unusual article entitled, “Honestly! Telling the truth is good for your health” about a study that shows being truthful has a positive impact on a person’s health. I was recently looking … Continue reading

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