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Clara Hughes –Mental Health beyond the Big Ride

  Clara Hughes, an athlete for all seasons – celebrated Olympic medalist in both Summer and Winter Games – sees her success as more than earning medals; she is a passionate advocate for mental health. As one who struggled successfully … Continue reading

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Mental Illness – Improvements can come from love and music rather than drugs

  By Joy Hinman Health is wholeness and vitality of mind, body and spirit. But when mental illness strikes, it can be a tremendous challenge for both patient and caregiver. Here is a story of a married couple, Marshall and … Continue reading

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Season of light can bring health to minds and bodies

Joy Hinman Darkness comes early on cold winter nights here in Canada. We welcome light, and enjoy the multi-colored lights in homes and businesses — in preparation for Christmas. This is also the time of Hanukkah  which Jewish people celebrate … Continue reading

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A healthy workplace starts with mental health

By Joy Hinman Workplace safety is not just about keeping workers safe in potentially dangerous jobs, as important as that is. It begins and continues with mental health and ways to achieve it — for overall health — for employer, … Continue reading

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Happiness and the winter of discontent.

By Glenn Laycock There was an interesting report released last week by the United Nations.  The “World Happiness Report” or “Happiest Places to Live”.   Canadian’s rated very well on the report – we are really a happy-go-lucky bunch apparently – … Continue reading

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Does the weather control your mental health?

By Joy Hinman How’s the weather out there today?”  That’s almost always the first question when friends call me on the phone – even from just 60 km away!  It’s almost as if they’re concerned  about me – thinking  “How … Continue reading

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Is cynicism bad for our health?

Anna Bowness-Park Gazing at a sea of red tulips, or driving under a canopy of glorious blossoms can be one of the most uplifting moments of a spring day, something to enjoy, and also to remember on cold winter days. … Continue reading

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One Healthy Resolution Essential to the New Year

It’s that time of the year.  We make all kinds of promises to ourselves to be healthier – more exercise, better diet – and to spend more time with the family, and be kinder to our neighbours. I have only … Continue reading

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