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Staying healthy for life

“Age Brilliantly’ states the cover title this month of a well-known magazine. The articles inside give examples of individuals of different decades and the various ways – mentally and physically – they have aged ‘brilliantly’ with vigor and joy each … Continue reading

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Freedom from chronic pain

Chronic pain – sometimes referred to as the ‘invisible illness’ – affects an estimated 16 million Canadians who live with at least one condition considered ‘chronic’ in that it is persistent or otherwise long-lasting in its effects. Even with a … Continue reading

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Malala Yousafzai’s lesson on forgiveness

By Anna Bowness-Park In 2012, living in the Swat Hills of Pakistan with her family, Malala Yousafzai learned her life was in danger from the Taliban because she wanted to be educated. She asked herself, “If he comes to kill me, what … Continue reading

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Preventing Suicide through awareness, support, spirituality

By Joy Hinman They speak out — telling of the need for love and understanding, not rejection and hopelessness. They tell their stories of the struggles of mental illness and suicide attempts – now resigned to a life-time of medication … Continue reading

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See me, not my disease

Seeing through the veil of dementia – with love The Canadian Institutes of Health Research notes that January marks Alzheimer Awareness Month. In its release this month it notes that one of the major challenges families face when they receive … Continue reading

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A revolution of thought – Les Miserables

A colleague, Ingrid Peschke wrote this terrific article, in the Framingham Patch, on the movie/musical Les Miserables (which translates to exactly as you would expect, The Miserables, The Wretched, The Poor, The Victims).  The article is called, “Les Miserables Delivers … Continue reading

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Spirituality? Good for health?

This blog post was written by Steve Salt, a colleague from Ohio.  The focus of his blog is health, spirituality and thought. Something to think about….. Religion and spirituality have often been viewed in medicine as largely irrelevant, even conflicting … Continue reading

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World Health Day: Aging. A figment of your imagination?

For the first time in human history, the world will soon have more older people than children. – World Health Organization –   by Glenn Laycock How fitting that this year’s “World Health Day” this past weekend focused on how … Continue reading

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Prayer – effective medicine for fear

By Anna Bowness-Park A recent article in the Vancouver Sun regarding the link between asthma and antibiotics in children should be a thought provoking opportunity for us all. The article does not deny that antibiotics are sometimes useful, but it … Continue reading

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The great Health Care debate – constructive or divisive?

By Anna Bowness-Park Committee on Publication for BC Over the last hundred years the debate on health care has quickly moved from superstition and ignorance, to the present basis of  science, technology and medication. But the question I ask myself … Continue reading

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