Recasting Age

“The world needs beauty. People hunger for it, and I intend to give it to them,” Josefina de Vasconcellos once told me. This eminent sculptress from England, and dear friend of mine, continued throughout her life to learn new techniques to improve her work and to enlarge her skills, which inspired me to consider “age” differently.

Josefina once remarked to me that the 80’s decade of her life was the most productive. At the time I was a 20-something young woman and she was well into her 80’s. It was encouraging to have a woman say that she improved with age. She proved what she shared with me, when, in her 90’s, Sir Richard Branson commissioned her to oversee three new recastings  of her large statue, Reconciliation, first created after World War II.

 Recasting Age

To consider this creation, and the task of recasting it, is a tremendous undertaking at any age, yet Josefina, so filled with inspiration, was energized to complete the work. It now stands in several cities, as a testament, not only to her vision of forgiveness, but also to her love for the world, her dignity of soul, her spirituality, and to her refusal to consider her age as a limitation, but as an asset.

Recasting Age

And then there is Laura Dekker. In January of last year, despite government resistance banning her from sailing around the world in her yacht, Guppy, and to dire predictions of what would become of her, 16 year old Laura became the youngest person to circumnavigate the world single-handedly.

These two women, one continuing a career of exploration well past what is often considered retirement age, the other at the beginning of her life, have something in common. They are recasting age. ……………Read more

Anna Bowness-Park is Committee on Publication for BC. 

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2 Responses to Recasting Age

  1. Thnak you, Anna. Very inspiring!

  2. Joy in Alberta Canada says:

    I love these two portraits — of a teenager who broke the restrictions of “too young.” And the artist of a great age, who breaks the world picture and expectations of “old age.”
    Thanks –makes a person think — what do I believe about myself and the people around me?

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