Clara Hughes –Mental Health beyond the Big Ride

Clara's Big Ride - Hope and Healing

Clara’s Big Ride – Hope and Healing


Clara Hughes, an athlete for all seasons – celebrated Olympic medalist in both Summer and Winter Games – sees her success as more than earning medals; she is a passionate advocate for mental health. As one who struggled successfully through a period of deep depression, she is using her national bike tour, Clara’s Big Ride, to increase awareness of mental health issues, especially depression, and spread the word that help is available and recovery is possible.

Can one path to mental health be a discovery – or rediscovery – of the original source of our health and mental well-being?  Is there something more, described by Mary Baker Eddy, a nineteenth century author and healer, as the ‘calm, strong currents of true spirituality….which must deepen human experience’ that can give us a different perspective on this journey? Continue reading

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Insomnia and sleep fears – finding the peace that heals

Fearing that we won’t be able to sleep and must bear the consequences is a good place to start on a new approach to how we think about sleep.

Eight hours or four hours? Naps or not? What do we believe about sleep and how much we need? We all have personal experiences and opinions about it. And, millions of people suffer from sleep deprivation, leading many to seek medical prescriptions to help them sleep better.

Yet: “There is no correct amount of sleep,” finds Prof. Kevin Morgan of the Clinical Sleep Research Unit in Loughborough, England. Another researcher at the same center, Professor James Horne, suggests that our mood is the key factor in how well we sleep.

For example, many successful people have had sleep cycles vastly different from today’s suggested “healthy” norm. It is recorded that Winston Churchill had a highly irregular sleep schedule, often working all night, but he always napped every day for two hours. Another British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, was said to have slept only four hours each night with no daytime naps. The pop singer Madonna apparently sleeps only four hours a night also. Leonardo Da Vinci took a 20 minute nap every four hours. Many highly successful and healthy individuals sleep less than the recommended average. Continue reading

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Dont manage anger – get rid of it



Anger is not healthy! I’s destructive! In an already stressful situation anger adds to the tension. It’s unhealthy for the person who is angry and stresses  anyone  else around them.

I remember a  time when I felt justified in my anger. I had been supervising the school playground at lunch time, and tried to stop two boys bullying a very young girl. They teased and threatened the child, making her very afraid.  When we all went back into the school I was so angry at the boys ; I felt like I was going to explode.   As soon as I stormed in there was a shocked  reaction from the other staff  and students  around me. I realized that my anger  was impacting them harshly . I learned a lesson that day, not to let anger control me! It’s counterproductive and unhealthy.

Anger, unrestrained, has been identified as a  cause of  mental and physical illness. We can learn to head it off, and stop its effects.  Here’s help! My colleague in Florida,  Bob Clark  shows five ways to prevent, defeat and banish anger for a healthier life! “Don’t manage anger – get rid of it.” Read his blog here à

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Ridiculously small steps lead to a healthier lifestyle

Taking small steps can make big changes for a better lifestyle


This week we are sharing an article by Keith Wommack, who is a Syndicated Columnist, Christian Science practitioner and teacher, husband, and step-dad.  He is also the Committee on Publication for Texas.

In Keith’s article – Ridiculously small steps lead to a healthier lifestyle – understanding how many small steps will advance you toward a goal – even an elusive goal – can also be applied to how we change our behaviours and understanding toward living healthier lives

Today, living a healthier lifestyle is at the top of many wish lists.

The good news is that eating fresh foods, getting off the couch and exercising more, and making time to pray and read scripture contribute to better minds and bodies. And, perhaps, the spiritual activities could be the most beneficial for your long-term health.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that most people have trouble following through with any program of healthy activities.  To continue reading Keith’s article, click here.

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Addressing the fear factor in Canada’s health care

©GlowImages- Facing the fear Factor- Models for Illustrative Purposes Only

©GlowImages – Models for Illustrative Purposes Only

The old axiom “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” no longer holds entirely true in caring for our health. We are all looking for more accurate and safer ways to prevent illness. But to find them we’ll have to tackle a key driving force behind the current approach of excessive tests and screenings – i.e. the fear factor.

To tackle this factor we can’t continue in the same thinking that is creating the problem – “fixing humans” as if they were just pipes and plumbing.  Rather, it will demand a more holistic approach to health in which the mental nature of fear is countered with a spiritual remedy. Continue reading

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Time for a little Ecotherapy?

Time for a little Ecotherapy?The understanding that nature benefits our mental and physical health seems obvious. However, the outdoors is now being touted as a new therapy called “ecotherapy” – or restorative contact with nature. What scientists have been studying is what our mothers and grandmothers already knew – – that being outside is good for us. In fact, being out in nature, according to studies is as good for us as many anti-depressants or other medications.

And, there’s another new term coined by scientists who are studying the effect of a lack of nature in our lives. It’s called “nature deficit disorder”, which of course ecotherapy is called upon to correct. Continue reading

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The gospel of forgiveness therapy

This week we are sharing an article by Eric Nelson, Committee on Publication for Northern California. It features an interview with Dr. Fred Luskin, Director of the Stanford Forgiveness Projects. 

“Forgiveness is one of those ways where we wipe clean a major threat to our well-being,” says Dr. Fred Luskin

Asked how he became the poster child for what he refers to as “forgiveness therapy,” Forgive For Good author Dr. Fred Luskin says, it all goes back to his desire to have a better understanding of practical spirituality.

“I’ve had a longstanding interest in spiritual matters,” said Luskin prior to teaching a class at Stanford Health Library in Palo Alto. “I’ve been reading spiritual books since high school, but I’ve always wanted to know if this stuff is true. Is it teachable? Does increased spirituality lead you to be a better person? Does it improve your health?……..You can read more of Eric’s article here at

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Building confidence defeats bullying




Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday, February 26 is now a worldwide movement The Pink Shirt campaign was developed in Nova Scotia in 2007 to raise awareness about bullying in our schools. The idea caught on, encouraging communities to find ways to proactively deal with this problem. And now it has morphed into something much larger, often observed on different dates in many countries around the world.

Bullying in any form and at any age is a serious problem. We are used to hearing about it in schools and universities, but not as much in the workplace or other professional settings. Nor, do we hear much about its effect on adults who experience it. Continue reading

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Are positive health impacts of spirituality simply a placebo effect?

©GlowImages - spirituality impacts health - not a placebo effect

©GlowImages – spirituality impacts health – not a placebo effect

Doctors prescribing placebos has long been considered a questionable practice.  But, according to new research, prescribing a placebo is a stealthy, but increasingly accepted way to raise a patient’s expectation of getting better. And it has been shown to reduce symptoms even when patients know they are taking a dummy pill.

Giving a placebo without a patient’s knowledge is not acceptable ethics to Canadian physicians.  However, in a survey of Canadian physicians, one in five acknowledged occasionally prescribing placebos.

Ongoing discussion about the role of placebos continues because the guidelines for their use are currently foggy.  Alongside the debate over the ethics of placebo use, there remains steady and increased research into how placebos encourage the mind to heal the body – it’s often even referenced as a “mind game”.  Yet, the fact that a patient’s thought about the drug seems to be the determining factor is hardly a game, given the need we all have to find consistent health outcomes. Continue reading

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CBC radio interview – Christian Science and the Christian Science Monitor

Kate Gibson Oswald

Many people know about the Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor. The story of Mary Baker Eddy and her writings is lesser known. Madonna Hamel from CBC British Columbia, interviews Kate Gibson Oswald who is a member of the Christian Science Society in Kelowna, B.C.

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