Much ado about nothing …

Glenn Laycock, COM ManitobaBy Glenn Laycock

This week I am featuring an article by my colleague, Eric Nelson; who serves as the media and legislative spokesperson for Christian Science in Northern California.

Eric’s article, “Sometimes doctors doing nothing is the best treatment for health” reminded me of an extremely trying time I had some years ago when I injured my back.  To read Eric’s article, click here.

I have mentioned this story before, so I will not delve into it in great detail. My company had advised me to see a doctor about a problem I was having, and after my initial meeting with the doctor, a follow up meeting was scheduled in order to formally begin a medication plan – pain killers and a physio program. 

However, while waiting for my next appointment with the doctor I began to pray with the help of  a Christian Science Practitioner – someone who prayerfully supports you – and I spent time focusing on learning more about my relationship with God to bring healing to my situation.

In a similar manner to what Eric’s article is saying – upon my return visit – my doctor examined me and was stunned by my improvement, to the point of saying,  “Whatever you are doing – keep doing it – as it is yielding far better results then what I was planning to set up today”.    The physio was cancelled, and the medication option was never required.

Mary Baker Eddy in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, has many accounts of people discovering for themselves the healing effect of prayer. The benefit to the patient is better long term health and personal involvement in their own healthcare; and the benefit to the healthcare system is lower cost and utilization of resources.

Glenn Laycock is the Committee on Publication for Manitoba.

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One Response to Much ado about nothing …

  1. Joy Hinman says:

    Thanks for sharing Eric’s blog, as well as your own story Glenn.
    You were pro-active in your own health care, with results that the doctor praised.
    I am sure that good doctors are happy when patients make alternative health care decisions with positive results!

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