Healing Depression

Glenn TMby Glenn Laycock

This week I am going to include an article from my colleague and Ontario counterpart Wendy Margolese.  Her article is called, “Healing Depression – A light at the end of the tunnel”.

In her article, Wendy mentions:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Pets
  3. Mindfulness (cognition)

In regard to #2, “Pets”:  I certainly understand and can see the profound effects pet “caring” has on people; but for myself it was having my nieces and nephews (babies) come along.

Depression for myself was based on feeling the world circled around my “personal” well being.  But this did not work well as my happiness was always based on how all those factors floating around me “made me feel”.  So lots of great days, but also bad days which began to brew in me a real fear of not controlling my happiness, because it seemed to me, my happiness was controlled by how “the world” was treating me.

In my case I saw the pure qualities of God and began to see these qualities as my real core.  This is not unlike the revelation people had when they realized the sun did not orbit the Earth, but rather the opposite.  Once I realized that I was not the center but could utilize and reflect all those positive things, it became much easier to see how my happiness was always present, and when negative thoughts came to me, I just had to focus on my core purpose, and not the world’s valuation of me.  The world could say or treat me anyway it wanted, because having God as my source of all goodness was a constant fact.

The gratitude, Wendy talks about, flows from by being aware and giving recognition of God’s goodness reflected in your life.

Wendy touches on meditation, which for me is just a method to say what you realize that what unfolds in your life, starts with what you focus on in your thoughts.  For many people that means to start with prayer to affirm God’s goodness, at least that is what I have found.

To read Wendy’s article – highly recommended – click this link.

Glenn Laycock is the Committee on Publication for Manitoba


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One Response to Healing Depression

  1. Joy Hinman says:

    Thanks Glenn for your insightful, honest story, and for sharing the article by colleague Wendy Margolese! Together this is so encouraging for anyone suffering mental depression in any form! There is hope!

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