The gospel of forgiveness therapy

This week we are sharing an article by Eric Nelson, Committee on Publication for Northern California. It features an interview with Dr. Fred Luskin, Director of the Stanford Forgiveness Projects. 

“Forgiveness is one of those ways where we wipe clean a major threat to our well-being,” says Dr. Fred Luskin

Asked how he became the poster child for what he refers to as “forgiveness therapy,” Forgive For Good author Dr. Fred Luskin says, it all goes back to his desire to have a better understanding of practical spirituality.

“I’ve had a longstanding interest in spiritual matters,” said Luskin prior to teaching a class at Stanford Health Library in Palo Alto. “I’ve been reading spiritual books since high school, but I’ve always wanted to know if this stuff is true. Is it teachable? Does increased spirituality lead you to be a better person? Does it improve your health?……..You can read more of Eric’s article here at

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