About Christian Science

Christian Science is sometimes confused with Scientology, faith healing, New Age practices, and Eastern religions. It has also been called un-Christian or labeled a cult. Actually, Christian Science is none of these.

Christian Science is  a completely separate and uniquely Christian, Bible based religion that has at it’s heart, the healing ministry and teachings of Christ Jesus.

The inspiration it offers runs deeper than positive thinking. Christian Science teaches that it’s never God’s will for anyone to suffer, be sick, or die. Instead, it shows how God is entirely good, and therefore His will for each of us is only health and life.  At the heart of Christian Science is the practice of prayer that is thoughtful and a cultivates a deep sense of our connectedness to God who is divine Love.

Still have questions? Keep reading and/or feel free to ask any of us on this site.  For more ideas and information you can check out http://christianscience.com

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