Dont manage anger – get rid of it



Anger is not healthy! I’s destructive! In an already stressful situation anger adds to the tension. It’s unhealthy for the person who is angry and stresses  anyone  else around them.

I remember a  time when I felt justified in my anger. I had been supervising the school playground at lunch time, and tried to stop two boys bullying a very young girl. They teased and threatened the child, making her very afraid.  When we all went back into the school I was so angry at the boys ; I felt like I was going to explode.   As soon as I stormed in there was a shocked  reaction from the other staff  and students  around me. I realized that my anger  was impacting them harshly . I learned a lesson that day, not to let anger control me! It’s counterproductive and unhealthy.

Anger, unrestrained, has been identified as a  cause of  mental and physical illness. We can learn to head it off, and stop its effects.  Here’s help! My colleague in Florida,  Bob Clark  shows five ways to prevent, defeat and banish anger for a healthier life! “Don’t manage anger – get rid of it.” Read his blog here à

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