A Bible-based approach to consciousness research

This week’s article is from Eric Nelson from Northern California.

Eric Nelson’s columns on the link between consciousness and health appear weekly in a number of local and national online publications. He also serves as the media and legislative spokesperson for Christian Science in Northern California (norcalcs.org). This column originally appeared on Communities Digital News.



PETALUMA, CA, May 19, 2014 – Long before the scientific method became the gold standard of scientific research, a little-known carpenter’s son living in Palestine suggested a novel approach to achieving unbiased results.

“Nobody sews a patch of unshrunken cloth on to an old coat, for the patch will pull away from the coat and the hole will be worse than ever,” the Bible records him as saying. “Nor do people put new wine into old wineskins – otherwise the skins burst, the wine is spilt and the skins are ruined.”

Put another way, when exploring new concepts, be sure to check your assumptions at the door, otherwise you might find yourself trying to cram outdated beliefs into new paradigms (or vice versa) with potentially disastrous results.

Consider, for instance, the ongoing debate over the source and nature of consciousness. Is it brain-based or does it perhaps originate somewhere else?…………….. You can read more of this article in Communities Digital News HERE

Eric Nelson has been published and featured in numerous newspapers, online publications, and radio talk programs. He speaks from years of experience in the mind-body field, especially as it relates to health. In addition, he is the media and legislative spokesperson for Christian Science in Northern California and is a self-employed Christian Science practitioner. He’s also a huge baseball fan and loves riding his bike in the nearby Santa Cruz Mountains.

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