Arianna Huffington on success and ‘the kingdom of heaven within’



This week we are sharing an article by Eric Nelson,  Committee on Publication for Northern California. This article was first published in Communities Digital News. 

Standing in line to hear Arianna Huffington speak at San Francisco’s Davies Symphony Hall last month – one of only a small handful of men in a sea of women – was an eye-opening experience for this first-time visitor to the renowned columnist’s prodigious fan club. Who knew that this politician turned publisher would be able to fill the auditorium’s nearly 3,000 seats?

Once her presentation began, however, it was clear that the huge turnout had as much if not more to do with the message as it did the messenger: a heartfelt, experience-based exploration of what it takes for women – and men – to flourish in today’s world emotionally, physically and spiritually.

“The essence of who we are inside is greater than who we are in the world,” said Huffington, urging her audience to gauge success, not in terms of money and power – not that there is anything wrong with either, as her own life attests – but in more spiritually grounded ways. Especially interesting was her suggestion of where we might begin this search for what she describes as “a centered place of wisdom, harmony and strength.”

“Every generation rediscovers the truth in different ways, using different descriptions,” she said………….Read more at

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