A quantum step forward.

By Glenn Laycock

Last week, I came across an article called, “Quantum solace — science and health”, by Christian Science practitioner and teacher, Keith Wommack.  While Keith’s articles are always of interest, what caught my attention this time was the title.

Many years ago I read a book, “Microcosm: The Quantum Revolution in Economics and Technology”, by George Gilder.  The first chapter in the book caught my attention with it’s title, “The Overthrow of Matter”, as did  final chapter entitled, “The Triumph over Materialism”.  

Keith’s article tells us of an incident of severe alcohol poisoning with a teenager.  Although the situation had been assessed by the doctors and medical professionals as severe – coma, brain and lung damage – under prayerful treatment this young person made an almost immediate recovery.  Being called, “The Miracle Girl” by hospital staff.

In George Guilder’s book, he explains how Quantum Physics is hard to understand because it is a paradox when viewed in the terms of traditional physics – which is largely based on the world we can perceive around us.  In the quantum microcosm the normal rules no longer seem to apply because the “reality” is so different – perhaps reflected in the statement that the solidity of a table is as empty as the universe (does not exist as a solid) in the microcosm.

Perhaps the solid substance and structure of existence
is thought, God’s thought, — God seeing the goodness
of His own creation. If this is so, then, possibly, each of
our humble prayers enables us to view life from God’s
own perspective, to some degree. As we pray, we can
witness God bringing love, health, and care to human
conditions needing tender treatment.
– Keith Wommack  –

Years ago I was trimming a hedge at a church with an old fashion trimmer; the main hand grip was an inch away from the cutters.  While I was reaching to a high part of the hedge, my small finger stuck out (like holding a tea cup) and got clipped by the cutters.   The sight was a grizzly one with a trail of blood along the sidewalk and a meaty gash.  The clerk was inside the church and quickly bandaged my finger to stop the bleeding.  I called a Christian Science Practitioner (someone who prays with you for healing.)

Looking back now, I now realize that the way I was praying about my injury is not dissimilar to the challenge scientists have in learning about quantum physics.

In order for a scientist to understand quantum physics, they have to get beyond the paradox that exists between the “visible and invisible”.  In my situation, I had to recognize that the cause and effect I was experiencing was based on the rules that exist in the physical world that my senses were defining for me.  I took this a step farther to see that I incorrectly perceived my experience (cause and effect) in a linear way; whereby the “reality” that I was being governed by was largely limited and “real” only in its own context.

At that time, my thoughts were almost hypnotically playing the timeline of this accident and injury as being permanent and a “real” part of my experience.   Applying this insight about cause and effect to my injured finger, I prayed to replace those images and thoughts with what I knew were God’s qualities of perfection – love, harmony, justice, infinitude, peace, productivity, and happiness.   I knew that the reality that God defines was the same reality I could experience as his/her reflection.  In a very short time, I was able to tap into my “quantum” understanding of my experience and relationship to God and to realize I am not governed by physical law – or more exactly – God’s law of love supersede them.

Within a few days, reflective of my calm trust and confidence of the reality God had created for me; those haunting images were replaced with the spiritual qualities of God I mentioned earlier.  The gash filled in overnight, with the dent and nerve damage being totally healed over time, with the slightest scar being the only reminder of this experience that has lead me to gain a deeper understanding of a spiritual healthcare I can rely on.

Returning to the article by Keith Wommack that I mentioned earlier, he says, “Spiritual healing should be considered natural instead of miraculous.”   For myself, and countless others, it is a healthcare system that is effective because it is based on something that is being proven to work in a far broader reality then other healthcare alternatives.

Glenn Laycock is the Committee on Publication for Manitoba.

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  1. Joy Hinman says:

    Some really thought-provoking ideas here Glenn! and a wonderful healing . Interesting how you found links among 3 things — quantum physics ideas, Keith Wommak’s writing, and your own prayers. Thank you!

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