Staying healthy for life

©Glowimages (models for illustrative purposes only)

©Glowimages (models for illustrative purposes only)

“Age Brilliantly’ states the cover title this month of a well-known magazine. The articles inside give examples of individuals of different decades and the various ways – mentally and physically – they have aged ‘brilliantly’ with vigor and joy each year.

Amid these incredible stories, however, ran also a theme of how our culture fears getting older and our concern that the current health care system will buckle under the pressure of the growing, graying population.

Are there ways to escape the ‘burden’ label? Are there ways to let go of the fear associated with aging? Aging, after all, is not a malady/illness – and it need not be associated with the specter of expense and lack of productivity that comes with yoking it with a ‘disease’ label.

“We are not victims of aging sickness and death”, says Deepak Chopra. “These are part of the scenery, not the seer, who is immune to any form of change. This seer is the spirit, the expression of eternal being.”

The idea that Spirit is eternal and unchanging and man is an expression of this eternal being is brought out clearly in the Old Testament, which gives this promise: “Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bear fruit in old age; They shall be fresh and flourishing. ” (Psalm 92:12-14

My friend, Don, an active senior, had an opportunity to see just how a spiritual insight into his true being could result in his immunity to any change related to age.

A recent visit to the optometrist brought a diagnosis of early cataracts. Don was scheduled for a follow-up appointment in a few months. He chose this time for quiet prayer and study of the Bible – as he has found spiritual study to be effective in his health care for many years. He began by being grateful for a growing understanding of an ever-present and all-powerful Divine presence in his life.

 His Scripture study, along with inspiration from the works of Christian healer Mary Baker

©Glowimages Healthy for life

©Glowimages Healthy for life

Eddy, made it even clearer to him that the true Principle underlying health laws was not one of decline and deterioration, but one of ‘fresh and flourishing’, unaffected by calendars or human events. Age could not interfere with his expression of health and harmonious being. “Neither age nor accident can interfere with the senses of Soul,” writes Eddy.

On the return visit, the optometrist, after examining a digital image of the eyes as well as a close manual exam, stated that there was no trace of the problem. Although the doctor was totally amazed, Don was not. Health, including his eyesight, was just normal, no matter how many years had passed.

The recognition that we are the expression of an eternal being is a great way to stay healthy for life.


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Canada Day – celebrating the pioneer spirit

Canada Day - an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the pioneer spirit that resides within us all

Canada Day – an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the pioneer spirit that resides within us all

Canada Day is one of my favourite days of the year! Why? Because two decades ago I became a Canadian citizen on this very day. So, like many others, I am not only celebrating Canada’s birthday but also the anniversary of becoming a citizen of this wonderful country.

I loved Canada from the first day I arrived. It is inspiring to experience the vast tracts of magnificent wilderness, to remember that we are the guests of the First Nations people, to enjoy the humour that is neither American nor British; and to feel the warm acceptance of different cultures and faiths from around the world. But most of all, I love the pioneering spirit that comes with free thought and fresh ideas, inspiring innovation and invention. We are consistently at the leading edge, both geographically as well as mentally and spiritually.

We are a country whose history is steeped in exploring, changing and adapting. One of the newest frontiers of change is in the way we are seeing our health and wellbeing… Continue reading

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Freedom from chronic pain

©GlowImages 'explore outside a secular belief system'

©GlowImages ‘explore outside a secular belief system’

Chronic pain – sometimes referred to as the ‘invisible illness’ – affects an estimated 16 million Canadians who live with at least one condition considered ‘chronic’ in that it is persistent or otherwise long-lasting in its effects.

Even with a growing recognition that lifestyle changes can prevent and/or eliminate many chronic illnesses, the use of drugs for pain is increasing at an alarming rate. Physicians are concerned with the scenario where painkillers can take over a persons’ life, yet not make them any better.

What would it be worth to those who are suffering – and to our health care costs – to have a solution to chronic pain that is not based on the latest diet, surgery, drug or vitamin? Priceless, we would all agree. Yet, would we explore it even if it defied our current, secular belief systems? Continue reading

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Health headline confusion ~ how to stop the yo-yo effect.

©GlowImages ~ are health headlines confusing and contradictory?

©GlowImages ~ are health headlines confusing and contradictory?

‘Self-medicators beware’ read a recent headline; and the article proceeded to warn about the risk of a popular drug, which was deemed user friendly, but has now been found to cause noticeable side effects.

We often read about what was once touted as good for health but has now been found to be harmful – or vice versa.

This is the ‘yo-yo’ effect – when the risks outweigh the rewards and recommendations for the latest diet or drug become fuzzy around the edges.

Are health headlines causing confusion and concern? The reliability of health news is a serious matter when we need to make well-informed decisions.

Under intense scrutiny right now around the world is not just misleading health headlines, but the whole approach this industry currently takes to research and published findings. Much of what is published is peppered with words like ‘may’, ‘might’, suggests’, ‘there is some success with’. Prominent physicians in the US, UK and other nations are regularly warning us to take all health headlines with “a grain of salt”.

To stop the ‘yo-yo effect’ of these headlines, consider whether the stability of personal health actually originates in what we read or eat. Was Shakespeare a headliner when he wrote “There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so”? Continue reading

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In an emergency do you respond or react



By Anna Bowness-Park

Emergency preparedness kits and websites are important for disaster planning, and with the recent earthquake rumblings that some felt, discussion about what to do is back on the front burner.

As important as these websites and kits are, few websites discuss the emotional and spiritual preparedness needed – preparedness that positively affects our responses and our health in times of crisis.

One website that broaches the subject is The Alberta Health Services. It has an interesting section about disasters, which asks: “How can I build emotional wellness?” Although not giving solutions, it does note that emotional preparedness is key to surviving a disaster. It states, “Being emotionally prepared for a disaster or emergency can help you reduce stress and anxiety. If you can manage stress every day, it will help you cope in challenging times. It can also help you recover from trauma faster and with fewer long-term effects.” Continue reading

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A Bible-based approach to consciousness research

This week’s article is from Eric Nelson from Northern California.

Eric Nelson’s columns on the link between consciousness and health appear weekly in a number of local and national online publications. He also serves as the media and legislative spokesperson for Christian Science in Northern California ( This column originally appeared on Communities Digital News.



PETALUMA, CA, May 19, 2014 – Long before the scientific method became the gold standard of scientific research, a little-known carpenter’s son living in Palestine suggested a novel approach to achieving unbiased results.

“Nobody sews a patch of unshrunken cloth on to an old coat, for the patch will pull away from the coat and the hole will be worse than ever,” the Bible records him as saying. “Nor do people put new wine into old wineskins – otherwise the skins burst, the wine is spilt and the skins are ruined.”

Put another way, when exploring new concepts, be sure to check your assumptions at the door, otherwise you might find yourself trying to cram outdated beliefs into new paradigms (or vice versa) with potentially disastrous results.

Consider, for instance, the ongoing debate over the source and nature of consciousness. Is it brain-based or does it perhaps originate somewhere else?…………….. You can read more of this article in Communities Digital News HERE

Eric Nelson has been published and featured in numerous newspapers, online publications, and radio talk programs. He speaks from years of experience in the mind-body field, especially as it relates to health. In addition, he is the media and legislative spokesperson for Christian Science in Northern California and is a self-employed Christian Science practitioner. He’s also a huge baseball fan and loves riding his bike in the nearby Santa Cruz Mountains.

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Welcome Spring! Is health renewed by cleaning the mental closet?

©GlowImages Cleaning the mental closet this spring!

©GlowImages Cleaning the mental closet this spring!

The hint of spring brings a sense of renewal to our lives. We shake off the winter parkas and get ready to rake the yard, clean out the closets, and get outside and be active.

Over the past unusually cold and blustery months, we have been huddled in the warmth of our homes. The winter season, with its short days and very dark nights, can lead to isolation, depression and loneliness – all of which are noted health risks and issues of growing concern on the Canadian health monitor.

What about a spring renewal becoming a spiritual renewal – a way to renew our health and well-being? Continue reading

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Laughter’s tie to innate joy is truly medicinal

Go ahead - have a great laugh. It's good for your health.  @GlowImages

Go ahead – have a great laugh. It’s good for your health.

Have you had a good laugh lately? I mean a really good – deep, healing within – laugh?

Years ago, I ran across a group practicing “laughter yoga” and found myself fascinated. As I watched, I couldn’t help but smile, because – of course – laughter is infectious. Developed by Indian physician Dr. Madan Kataria, this approach to yoga is now a worldwide movement that has caught the attention of health researchers around the globe. A recent study on the effect of laughter on memory and stress levels found a wide range of health benefits including memory improvement and lower stress

Cheryl Ann Oberg from Calgary has seen many of these benefits. A member of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humour, she is a clown therapist at the Calgary Children’s Hospital. She also shares her gift of humour at conferences as a keynote speaker, and has worked with people in many walks of life – from business executives to religious groups, seniors in care facilities, children in hospital, mental health patients and those with Alzheimer’s. ….
Continue reading

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Want a healthy body? Learn to listen

This week’s contribution to our blog is from Christian Science Committee on Publication Keith Wommack of Texas. 

How can improved listening skills benefit your health? Perhaps, a link between spirituality and health provides the answer. @GlowImages

Admit it. You’re a lousy listener.

Don’t fret. I used to be one, but I’ve been fine-tuning my skill, and you can too.

I believe, you’ll want to improve your listening because good listeners have fulfilling relationships and are more apt to experience good health.

Regarding relationships, as you look to improve your listening ability, there are destructive behavioral habits you’ll need to be aware of and abandon. (Several habits detailed in Are you really listening?: Keys to Successful Communication – Donoghue & Siegel)

Rude – Do you interrupt others while they speak? If you make the moment about you, you’re not listening, not considering another’s thoughts and feelings, and you’re certainly not being courteous. Rudeness is an unhealthy behavior for a relationship.

Savior – Do you give others undivided attention because you believe you’re the one to solve their problems? When you think of yourself as a savior, you can’t hear the real need or come up with sound solutions. You merely add to their challenges.

Target – Do you stop listening when you perceive another’s words to be critical of you? Low self-esteem flows from a victim-mentality and this self-centeredness takes offense at everything said, turning it inward. When you’re a target, you miss the point of conversations. It’s hard to listen when you’re defensive.

Waiter – You don’t interrupt, but you don’t listen either. You just wait. You don’t really care what others say. You just want them to stop talking so you can begin. It’s all about you.

Recognizing these habits to be wrong enables you to challenge and replace them with the building blocks that nourish relationships: love and respect.

So, how can improved listening skills benefit your health? Perhaps, a link between spirituality and health provides the answer………You can read more of this article HERE

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Arianna Huffington on success and ‘the kingdom of heaven within’



This week we are sharing an article by Eric Nelson,  Committee on Publication for Northern California. This article was first published in Communities Digital News. 

Standing in line to hear Arianna Huffington speak at San Francisco’s Davies Symphony Hall last month – one of only a small handful of men in a sea of women – was an eye-opening experience for this first-time visitor to the renowned columnist’s prodigious fan club. Who knew that this politician turned publisher would be able to fill the auditorium’s nearly 3,000 seats?

Once her presentation began, however, it was clear that the huge turnout had as much if not more to do with the message as it did the messenger: a heartfelt, experience-based exploration of what it takes for women – and men – to flourish in today’s world emotionally, physically and spiritually.

“The essence of who we are inside is greater than who we are in the world,” said Huffington, urging her audience to gauge success, not in terms of money and power – not that there is anything wrong with either, as her own life attests – but in more spiritually grounded ways. Especially interesting was her suggestion of where we might begin this search for what she describes as “a centered place of wisdom, harmony and strength.”

“Every generation rediscovers the truth in different ways, using different descriptions,” she said………….Read more at

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